Pin to bracelet – SPRING BARS

Pin for watch bracelet – SPRING BARS

Two stainless steel spring rods (a pair). These are made to fit watch bracelets. 1.5 mm diameter and 0.7 mm end tips: these fit most watches and all our watch straps.

Measure the width of the watch bracelet or the watch itself.

Choose which size you need from 8-40mm

Applies to 1 pair of pins (2 pcs)

If you are interested in buying pins for your watch, you can trust R.Elia Sweden. We offer very functional pins for bracelets. When you place an order, you get two spring rods.

We have made our spring bars available in 24 sizes and you can choose the right one based on your unique needs. Our product is compatible with all watches and bracelets. You can buy these bracelet pins at the most competitive prices. Quality and cost efficiency meet in an ideal way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Our stainless steel pins are perfectly designed to fit the watch bracelet with the watch. As a reliable supplier of watch bracelets, we guarantee fast and safe delivery.